• Celebrating 20 Years of Solidarity

  • Next Election Observation Mission in 2018

  • Community building and construction in Romero Community

  • Violence Prevention through recreation

  • Language School

  • Small Businesses for Women

  • Providing Access to Clean Water

Were Looking for awesome people to work with

CIS Promotions and Solidarity Crafts Coordinator

CIS is looking for a person to promote our programs, with the goal of economic sustainability of the Spanish and English Language Schools and to coordinate the CIS Solidarity Craft program and the development of Salvadoran artisan workshops to promote fair trade and quality Salvadoran crafts.   We need someone with creative lay out, excellent writing, and web site page management skills with attention to detail to fill the position of: Promotions and Solidarity Crafts Coordinator.

The CIS Missionis to promote solidarity and exchange between Salvadorans and other peoples of the world, which includes accompaniment, respect for diversity, equitable relations and mutual support among human begins.  The CIS also works to raise consciousness and to organize and mobilize towards social and economic justice and human dignity, through programs such as Delegations and Brigades, Solidarity Partners, Grassroots Organizing, Salvadoran Enterprises for Women, Youth Scholarship and Leadership Formation, the Mélida Anaya Montes Language School, Solidarity Crafts, and our International Election Observer Mission.



diggingWe began the potable water project in Romero Community in late August 2016. $1,100 will provide potable water for one family. Consider making a tax deductible donation. Your donation will be matched dollar per dollar. So with just $550 your donation will be matched to provide a family with potable water.

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