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  • Celebration 25 Years of People to People Solidarity!

 CIS is proud to now offer online Spanish Classes

via SKYPE & Google Hangouts!


2016 – On-line Spanish courses – begun as a pilot program to respond to difficulties in getting new students to El Salvador, affected by U.S. State Department alerts not to travel to El Salvador. The program allows CIS to generate employment for additional teachers as well as provide students with quality Spanish language courses in the context of Salvadoran culture and reality. To date we have had 120 students and generated employment for 12 on-line Spanish teachers.

Classes are 100% personalized to meet the students needs and wants.  Classes are $15.00/hour and last 2 hours each ($30.00/class).

These two hour classes with experienced teachers from the CIS can be tailored to fit each individual student’s wants.  Online classes will combine language teaching with reflection on the social, political and cultural realities, similar to our Spanish Classes in El Salvador.

Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for the application form, or for more information!