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 An appeal to support victims of Amanda Storm and COVID-19 in El Salvador!
House of Jessica scholarship student in Comasagua
  House of Jessica, scholarship student in Comasagua.

House of Jessica, scholarship student in Comasagua. Neighbors of women’s artisan group Las Tinecas in San Martin.

Urgent appeal for solidarity support with the victims of the disasters caused by the storm Amanda and COVID-19 Pandemic!

We hope you, your families, and your communities are maintaining good health and spirits at this difficult time. We are writing to update you on the current situation in El Salvador and ask again for your support for emergency food and supplies to Salvadoran communities affected by COVID19 and now on top of that Tropical Storm Amanda has caused mudslides, flooding, destruction of peoples food and belongings, and loss of crops.

Additionally, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has announced that Tropical Storm Amanda is converting into Tropical Cyclone Cristobal on Thursday and rains are expected to get stronger and continue at least through Sunday. That will be 9 days straight of rain in an already saturated land.

100% of your contribution will be used for food and emergency supplies to support vulnerable Salvadoran families and communities.

We have been sharing some of the pictures from communities in El Salvador on our Facebook page. Rain continues now for over 84 hours and is affecting the entire country. CIS is delivering emergency food aid to communities affected by COVID19; now we are trying to raise more funds to continue to reach those further affected by Hurricane Amanda. Please donate on CIS web site just clicking on DONATE and then on the Donation type, click COVID-19 DONATION or EMERGENCY FUND.

Your donation will help us to buy food and other urgent needs of the affected families Victims of Tropical Storm Amanda in El Salvador and COVID-19. Each package of basic food and sanitary supplies costs $50 and will feed a family for two weeks and provide cleaning supplies for one month. (Food items include beans, rice, sugar, oil, salt, coffee, tuna, oatmeal, pasta, pasta sauce, and cookies. Cleaning items include bleach, laundry soap, bathing soap, and sanitizing gel.)

The CIS’ goal is to raise $50,000 to cover 1,000 families. To date we have reached over half our goal and we have already delivered packages to over 500 families:

  • $2,500 will cover a community of 50 families
  • $1,000 will cover 20 families
  • $50 will cover one family

Donation by Credit Card or Debit Card:

Donation via PayPal: 

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Please share this appeal with your friends.