CIS - Saint Oscar Romero 40th Anniversary Delegation

Solidarity and the Struggle for Social Justice in El Salvador Today!

March 19 – 26, 2020


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Saint Romero: Solidarity and the Struggle for Social Justice in El Salvador today, Program will include:

  • Romero Vigil and processions Saturday, March 22 and March 24
  • Visit Romero’s home and the chapel where he gave his life and Cathedral and tomb of Saint Romero
  • Visit women imprisoned for still births and obstetric emergencies, accused of abortion, and women who have been released due to organization and solidarity.
  • Visit Romero and Paso Puente Communities and learn of their struggle for social inclusion after living years in squalor conditions – no water, plumbing, shacks made of plastic, tin and old bed springs, rampant illiteracy, discrimination by authorities, and injustice. Learn of the difference solidarity and working as partners with mutual respect can make.
  • Visit women empowered through CIS small business program /formerly SEW
  • Analysis:   the roots of violence and migration; the struggle for water as a human right, impact and strategies of the new government of Nayib Bukele in El Salvador.  


Travel: You are responsible for arranging you flight.

Arrival:   by Thursday March 19th midday

Departure:   Any time on Thursday, March 26


  • $700 per person in shared room (3-5 persons)
  • $800 per person in shared double room
  • $900 per person for single room

Costs includes all in country costs March 19 – 25: in country transportation, to and from airport on designated dates, all meals starting lunch on March 19th and ending with breakfast March 26th, 8 nights in Hotel, program, translation/guide.

Costs do not include airfare or additional hotel, food, transport outside of delegation dates.   If a delegate arrives before or leaves after designated dates, CIS can arrange extra nights in hotel and/or taxi service to and from the airport. Hotel nights are approximately $30 per night and taxi ride to or from the airport is approximately $28.  

Applications due by:  online or and mailed attached due by January 19 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Payment due by:    February 19th. (menu-delegation fee)


Photos: CIS dignified housing beneficiaries, official Saint Romero Portrait, Women released after spending more than 10 years in prison, falsely accused of abortion.




To check out a newsletter written by Rainbow of Hope for Children in Canada after their visit to El Salvador with a delegation, please click here!

People-to-People Solidarity

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    The general objective of our delegation and brigade program is to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the social and economic reality of El Salvador as well as to promote solidarity and accompaniment with communities and grassroots organizations working for social change. We coordinate delegations and brigades from universities, parishes, sistering partnerships, solidarity groups, political parties, and others. We have hosted groups from all over the world. If you or your group are interested in coming to El Salvador on a delegation or brigade please write to us!


     The CIS delegation program is dynamic and flexible. We combine participants' objectives with the needs for   accompaniment in El Salvador. Participants have the opportunity to visit communities and economic development   projects. They can also meet with representatives from the women's movement, cooperatives, political parties,   labor, youth groups, human rights groups, organizations advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, NGOs,   churches and others. Delegations visit historical sites and can opt to go to the beach or other recreational areas.  In   2016, we have organized delegations regarding our clean water and scholarship programs the free the 17 campaign, with SOAWatch, small women's businesses delegations and have received universities and other youth groups


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    The CIS also facilitates work brigades. These are similar to delegations but include projects that last from one day to three months. Brigades have included: building a memorial park, planting a community garden, technical training, medical brigades, and construction projects. Brigade members must have the skills ¡required,pay for project costs, and be able to dedicate the time needed to complete the project.  Brigades in 2016 include a Building Brigade in Romero Community and the PeaceHealth Medical Brigade.  

A few testimonies:

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     I participated in a CIS delegation trip to El Salvador this past January 2017. I expected to learn about new culture and help the communities our church has partnered with… what I received was so much more than I expected. My preconceived notions of poverty and the cause of poverty were completely challenged. I saw intelligent, talented, and hard working people needing opportunities. I was treated as family and welcomed without hesitation into people’s homes. I have been able to keep in touch with many of the friends I met in El Salvador. I am also taking Spanish classes through CIS’s online education program. This experience changed my worldview. I cannot thank CIS enough for the gift they have given me and my family. 

    My Time in El Salvador:kylee kramer water

   While in El Salvador, I experienced many things, but the one thing that stands out in particular is the people. The country is full of kind, spirited, hardworking, colorful people and every mom

ent spent with one of them was one to remember. I can recall reading up on the country before visiting and seeing all the stories about how welcoming the people were and how kind the country was as a whole. I experienced this feeling firsthand the minute I stepped off the plane and saw our wonderful CIS guide waiting with a smiling face and a waving hand.

 I was visiting El Salvador with a few other classmates from the University of Toledo in Ohio to install a water purification unit in the village of San Pablo Tacachico.

  The process was long and grueling, but the locals did not mind and they stayed with us until the end. They were gracious enough to feed us lunch and keep us company throughout the day. I will never forget the moment when clean, purified water ran through the pipes. The locals’ faces lit up and their joy was immeasurable. It was so heartwarming to see the people of El Salvador become so grateful for something that many take for granted. This moment and the people I experienced it with changed my life and the way I view things. In fact, El Salvador changed my life and the way I view things. If given the chance, I would return to this beautiful country in a heartbeat and I know I would be graciously welcomed, once again. Thank you El Salvador and thank you CIS for the amazing sights, people, and experiences. Que Viva El Salvador!

Kylee Kramer – University of Toledo student and Water Program Delegate

From a community which receives delegations:

  “For our community, CIS Delegations have meant so much in our human and social development. With everydelegation visit we have learned how to express our reality. As a young community we have learned how to share our history so that can be known in many other places. Also this has helped us to not feel alone, we have received help in many ways, through phone calls, letters, donations and through the help from the Formation and Scholarship Program that supports and strengthens education for our children and youth. Delegations and the community have created ties of friendship and solidarity, and thanks to their support the community dream has come true: the construction of a dignified home for the families in the community; it is not just the construction of a home but of an integral community based on principles of solid

arity and friendship”.

Carmen Acevedo, President of the Romero Community 

carmen and kerm

 Delegations Coordinator   

evelyn and group

From Evelyn:

   Being the Delegations Coordinator of the CIS is a rewarding experience for me; I have come to understand the   real meaning of solidarity. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet humble Salvadorans with great hearts   who dream of and fight to build a nation based on respect and solidarity. I also have met people from all over   the world, who have shared their knowledge with me and have inspired me to be humble, people who despite   the difficult situations our country is going through, visit it to share and accompany our people in tough   moments, and they do it without expecting anything in return, only sincere love.

        Evelyn Portillo – Delegations Coordinator