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The Center of Interchange and Solidarity, CIS, invites you to participate in 14TH CIS International Election Observer mission COVID19, Tropical Storms, and Elections in El Salvador 2021:

As an Observer:  February 22–March 2, 2021 (arrival and departure date)
As a long-term Volunteer:   January 3–March 26th (arrival-departure date)
Special Pre-election Spanish Course Feb 7-22.   (arrival-departure date)

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Since the signing of the Peace Accords in 1992 the CIS International Election Observer Mission has secured a firm and respected reputation both within El Salvador and abroad through its dedicated, professional, and commitment to the El Salvadoran election process. The CIS is one of the only organizations that has coordinated international observers in every election since the signing of the accords, and the election observation reports, issued by the CIS following the elections, have consistently been used as a foundation for debate on electoral reform by the Legislative Assembly, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), and other electoral institutions and organizations.

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International Election Observation Mission Overview

Mission: To Contribute to free and fair elections; generate a safe environment to stimulate democratic participation; observe and inform about the implementation of election reforms; deepen our understanding of the social and economic structures that govern the country and their impact; to promote people-to-people solidarity.

Why International Election Observation?

Communities, electoral organizations including the TSE, civic organizations, and grassroots organizations have continued to ask the CIS for international observers to guarantee transparent elections for several reasons:
To observe and provide witness to the electoral process and to potential violations of the electoral code before and during the elections.
To provide a presence in order to reduce political intimidation and violence.
To support the call for implementation of election reforms.
To monitor the implementation and impact of important reforms in building greater transparency in the electoral process.

The CIS Mission produces a final report which is presented to the Supreme Election Tribunal, the Commission on Electoral and Constitutional Reforms of the Legislative Assembly, Political Parties, as well as other important actors, as a tool to study the electoral processes and to continue to implement electoral reforms. The presence of international observers in itself contributes to transparency, deters fraud, and builds voter confidence, especially in rural areas where the divisions and wounds of the war are still very present.

Democracy depends on the transparency of the election process, which the presence of international observers can help guarantee. The CIS mission is respected across the political spectrum because of its objectivity and is recognized as one of the few missions that are not controlled by political interests.

 What is Election Observation with the CIS?


The work of the CIS observer mission serves as an objective base of information, used as a foundation for debate on election reforms by both the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the Legislative Assembly. Observers and volunteers receive thorough training and analyze the political reality of El Salvador to prepare them to play a crucial role in information gathering on Election Day. Observers visit and exchange with community organizations building democratic participation on a daily basis, with an emphasis on the participation of women and youth, both to acquire the perspective of the common voter and to build international solidarity ties with the important transformation processes taking place within the country.

Week long CIS observers receive thorough training before spending three days in the municipality in which they are to observe, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the specific socio-political context, in order to provide in depth objective observation of the process the day of the elections. The CIS observer mission focuses on large, medium and small municipalities and covers a spectrum of where different political parties govern.

The objectives of the CIS Election Observer Mission are to not only contribute to free and fair elections, but to educate observers about the Salvadoran national reality in an international context, and to build solidarity with the people of El Salvador.

As a volunteer or an observer you will have the opportunity to meet with candidates, grassroots organizations, embassy officials, top political and economic analysts, members of political parties, and many more.

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How you can Participate in the Election Mission

We know many people will not be able to participate in the CIS 2021 International Mission of Election Observers because of travel risks due to COVI19.   If you cannot participate, we ask you to consider donating to enable international volunteer or non-partisan Salvadorans to participate in the mission (focused on CIS English students and scholarship students studying careers in International Studies, Political Science or related areas.)

In country Program Fees: (this does not include flights or transportation to and from El Salvador).  You are responsible for booking and paying for your own flight on the recommended days.  If you arrive early or stay late, the CIS can make additional hotel reservations for you upon request and let you know the additional costs involved).  Please send your applications as soon as possible.

  • Observer Program:   February 22–March 2.  We recommend that you arrive by midday flight on February 22 to get full orientation and depart on the afternoon of March 2ND so you can participate in the Tuesday morning press conference.  Per Person cost for participation in program, translation, meals, in country transportation from Feb 22 – March 2:

$900 – single room accommodation

$800 Double occupancy room (please indicate if you have a specific roommate and prefer twin or double bed.).

$575 if you have your own housing.  Breakfast will not be included, and you will have to get to the CIS or the Observer Hotel at indicated departure time.  CIS will drop you off at your home in the evening. 

  • Since we expect fewer observers due to the international situation related to COVID19, if you cannot participate, consider subsidizing a Salvadoran observer or international volunteer already in El Salvador for $600.
  • Special pre-election Spanish Course February 7th – 22nd, 2021:   $ 600, includesregistration, Spanish classes Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 12 noon; afternoon and weekend Social Cultural Program, housing with Salvadoran host family, breakfast, and dinner.  Students will be responsible for getting to and from the school - usually in walking distance or $.35 bus ride: and for their lunches. Ubers are available for about $2 - $3 if you prefer to avoid taking a bus.   Participation in the course for one week will be $300.

Refunds:   In the event of cancelation by delegate for any reason (up until one week prior), including force majeure (up until travel date), CIS will retain a $200 administration fee (to cover deposits and organizational expenses).  We can provide a refund for the rest of the amount or you can designate any remaining amount for CIS programs – scholarships, dignified housing, women’s businesses, clean water, or emergency fund.  If you cancel less than one week prior to the event, CIS will retain 50%, except in the case of force majeure.

Applications and payments due by January 7, 2020.

Long term Observers:  Jan. 3 – March 26 (arrival and departure dates) will not be required to pay program fees.  They will be responsible for covering their flights and room and board expenses.  CIS can arrange special discount family stay for long term volunteers for $80 per week including breakfast and dinner; or $60 per week with no meals included.  Spanish is a requirement to be a long-term volunteer.  Applications due by Dec.1, 2020.  

Download  and fill out application  Click here or can request and application form for CIS international Election Observation Mission via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • Observer applications due by January 3, 2021; Fees due by January 22nd. 

For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or, click here to download the application form and send it to the aforementioned address!

Click here to download the Flyer with the complete information for the 13th International Election Observation Mission 2019.

Please send fees to LOS OLIVOS CIS/P.O BOX 76 / Westmont, IL 60559 or pay online: