An English School Focused on Social Justice

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The CIS offers classes to adults 18-years and older with a focus on individuals involved in the social movement, women struggling for their self-determination, and those who are unable to attend other language schools for financial reasons. Classes are maintained at an affordable price with need-based half-scholarships available. We offer all levels of English instruction from beginner to conversational. The school uses a methodology based on communication and participatory techniques. Classroom activities, materials, and discussion include social content.


Classes are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5:00 - 6:45 pm, with a ten minute break. Usually classes have between 7-12 students each, for a total of approximately 60 students in every session. On Wednesday evenings we also have special activities, such as potlucks or Article Discussion Group. We hold 4 sessions a year, and each session lasts between 9-10 weeks.


Students' payments cover the price of instruction, materials, graduation expenses, and teacher training. The cost per session is $60. Students must pay at least half on the first day of class, and the other half within 15 days of the start of the session (to account for pay dates). Need-based scholarships are available.

Basic C Class, Session II 2008 Student Presentation October 2008 Activity on Mining Session II 2008Students Receive Diplomas 2008

Dates for 2019 - 2020 Sessions:

(These dates do not include pre-session volunteer training or post-session evaluation)

  • 2019 Session 4: September 16 - November 21 
  • 2020 Session 1: January 6 - March 12 
  • 2020 Session 2: March 30 - June 4
  • 2020 Session 3: June 23 - August 27
  • 2020 Session 4: September 14 - November 19 

Volunteer English Teachers

All teachers are volunteers with an interest in social justice. Most come from other countries, and are usually native English speakers.

If you're interested in volunteering,please click here for more information, read our blog here, or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more info!


CIS combines the study of English with analizing the reality of El Salvador in an objective way. -Otilio Ayala Sosa, CIS English student
My English classes are a great opportunity to learn, I like so much the technique to teach all of our class to participate equally. - Bessy del Carmen Zepeda, English School Student