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The CIS Homestay Network is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with life in El Salvador by living with Salvadorans  in a safe and comfortable environment.  Staying with a host family helps to orientate you with your new surroundings and experience normal day-to-day life in El Salvador without losing your privacy or independance.

The families within the Homestay Network have the ability to adjust to specific health, nutrition or care needs.  Additonally, it is another space for language practice and to expierence culture. 



Through the Political Cultural Program, we introduce students to aspects of history, culture, and the political and economic reality in El Salvador. 

 We facilitate an exchange of knowledge and experiences with the end goal of increasing awareness and putting solidarity into practice. Throughout this process we strive to promote our vision of solidarity with respect and dignity.


 The CIS’s Political Cultural Program has three distinct  goals:

 1) An alternative way to learn about history and culture.

 2) Provide students with first-hand information about the  Salvadoran reality and facilitate an exchange of  experiences.

 3) Share Salvadoran history and culture. 




The PPC has contributed to the CIS’s mission by developing and strengthening the students’ social awareness.  By addressing topics that affect all people (but viewing the issues from the perspective of the affected populations) we continue to create and strengthen ties of solidarity between peoples. 

Activities take place four days during the week between 1:00pm and 5:00pm, depending on the location/trip/activity.  Usually, we visit places of historical and cultural interest, close to the city of San Salvador. Other times we may visit sites farther away on the weekends, substituting some of the week day events.  The activities are very diverse and depend greatly on the people that are participating in any given week. Some days might include meeting with representatives of organizations or activist groups.  Other days we may interview people who have in-depth knowledge of certain situations or topics- for example members of the LGBT community.  On other occasions the group may visit a small business or local cooperative. Regardless of the activity, each day involves time dedicated to analysis.  Some activities are more focused on the political side or cultural side, however all activities combine both aspects. 

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In the Political Cultural Program, we emphasize that it is not enough to sit around a table and discuss these topics. We must also make a plan so we know what to do with what we have learned. This means that what we learn in the PPC does not remain at the table. Instead, students share their experiences with others- they write articles and call their elected representatives. And students take action- they participate in campaigns, protests, make donations to causes they believe in.

Please e-mail info@cis-elsalvador  for more information regarding availability and pricing!

*All volunteers receive this program free for two weeks!