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The CIS community network is a space for communities leaders from CIS supported communities to get together and discuss important topics.  Every two months, the network of leaders meets in the CIS to learn about and disucss important topics affecting the country.  Topics can include things such as protection of the environment, proposed laws such as the right to food and water, time to commemorate important events and analysis of the current situation in El Salvador.  IMG 4202

Once the leaders have attended the meetings, they return to their communities and spread their new knowledge, promoting citizen participation and civic education.  The Spanish school often participates for a small portion of the day in order to promote cultural exchange and solidarity.

Below is a summary of one of the community network meetings written by a volunteer, Elisabeth Miller.  Thanks Elisabeth.  Another one is available here for download.

The CIS community network came together for one of their regular meetings for a workshop about climate change. The session began with introductions followed by a presentation on global climate change in general, to familiarize the participants in terminology and how climate change comes about. Then El Salvador became the focus, looking at environmental problems like deforestation, contamination of fresh water, stronger and more irregular weather patterns, and the rise of ocean levels.

Guest speaker and Agronomist, Ulises Campo, gave the presentation on climate change and applied these themes to developing situations in El Salvador. Here he emphasizes the central belt of active volcanoes in the country which corresponds to areas of coffee cultivation.

In addition, this month honors Archbishop Oscar Romero, as the anniversary of his assassination is on the 24th of March. So after questions and comments for the presentation, attention was turned to Romero’s example for the El Salvadorian people.

The community network will meet again in two months for an analysis of social inequality and the economy of El Salvador.


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