Clean Water Program

Join the CIS and Los Olivos CIS in promoting CLEAN WATER in El Salvador

  • Many people, especially children still die from amoebic dysentery and related diseases.
  • Many women and men miss work and children miss school because of water-related illnesses.
  • Many families cannot afford the medicine or treatment to cure waterborne illnesses such as amoebas, bacteria, giardia, e coli, fungus, colitis, and cancer which can be debilitating and lead to death.

What is CIS doing?

  • Raising awareness about the effects of contaminated water.
  • Delivering filters to communities and families
  • Developing educational and conscious-raising materials.
  • Popular education workshops about why filters are important, how to take care of them, how to avoid drinking or ingesting contaminated water, how we contaminate water and how to prevent it.
  • Coordinate testing the water in communities.
  • Coordinate testing family members for amoebas, bacteria and parasites.
  • Changing people's habits

cleanwater2The CIS clean water project has two different sections. One part partners with Clean Water for the World which installs large water purification systems in places such as schools and health clinics. These systems use infrared technology to clean the water and have capacity to provide clean water for many different homes.
The other part of the program distributes Sawyer water filters to families in communities who have completed the necessary preparations and workshops to receive a filter. The filter is accompanied by two buckets, one to store the filter and the water before it is filtered, and other to store clean water.

Download the most recent reports for specific projects here:

El Jute, La Libertad  (Special Thanks to Chris Chaney for raising the funds for the project, and to Maria Madre de los Pobres Parish for providing a meeting place and coordination support, and assigning Wendy who is now the local coordinator of the water committee at Madre)

La Chacra, San Salvador (Thank you to the parishioners of St. Elizabeth’s Church in Kansas City for contributing to CIS Clean Water Project and making this donation possible)


What can you do?

Raise general funds for the CIS' Clean Water Campaign. Send tax deductible donations to Los Olivos CIS, PO BOX 76, WESTMOUNT, IL 60559. You may also donate using paypal by clicking here. Donations marked "CLEAN WATER" will be directed to providing clean water to families and communities here in El Salvador.

A $75.00 donation will provide a family with access to clean water including:

  • A SAWYER water filter and two buckets to accompany the filter
  • Transportation of promoter to communities-organization, 2 workshops, home visits and evaluation.
  • CIS grassroots organizer team and CLEAN WATER promoter's stipends to carry out popular education workshops to demonstrate the importance and proper use and maintenance of the filter, how to avoid contaminating water sources, and conduct follow-up with the communities, to ensure ongoing use and overcome obstacles.
  • Coordination of laboratory tests of water (where resources permit).
  • Coordination of medical exams of one family member before and after filter use and treatment.

  • Incorporate "Clean Water" as a part of your delegation mission.
    CIS will incorporate visits to communities in need of filters, and any funds your delegation group can raise in advance will be used to purchase water filters for that community. *A water committee must be organized and the community and each family must have received two training sessions before the can actually receive the water.