Women’s Empowerment and Salvadoran Enterprises for Women

The CIS began to work with Salvadoran Enterprises for Women (SEW); a U.S. based non-profit organization to develop women’s businesses in rural communities in 2004. 

After the earthquakes of 2001 and the repercussions of U.S. neo-liberal economic policies, hundreds of Salvadorans were leaving daily for the United States to look for remunerated employment.  The CIS was developing programs to support especially women and youth, two sectors most marginalized economically.    CIS and SEW developed a relationship to facilitate strategies to empower women and generate income for women.  We prioritize women in rural areas because of more limited access historically for women to get an education, the absence of employment for women, and lack of access to women’s training centers available in the city.

The CIS program in conjunction with SEW works to develop:

  1.  Women’s empowerment and organization –through a series of personal development and organizational workshops developed by CIS promoters.
  2. Networking to facilitate training in different skills sets depending on the business the women would like to develop.
  3. Facilitating training in basic administration, accounting and planning. 
  4. Developing a budget and plan to start the business to present to SEW.
  5. Follow-up, support, networking and further training as the business develops.

Businesses include:

Pájaro Flor, Sewing, embroidery and indigo dying workshop in Suchitoto

Vivaz, Indigo dying workshop, San Luis Los Ranchos, Comasagua

New Rebirth Egg laying farm, Cocobano, San Rafael Cedros

Las Cedrinas, typical food cafeteria, San Rafael Cedros.

Women Artisans El Torogoz, candle making, shampoo and cornhusk flowers, San Jose Palo Grande

ADEMGUAPE, women’s cooperative and egg laying hen farm, San Pablo Tacachico

La Vaquita, Dairy Products, Llano Largo, Jutiapa

ACOPAMSLR, sewing cooperative, San Luis los Ranchos, Comasagua

La Colorada Seamstresses/Cathy’s bags, Isla Tasajera, San Luis la Herradura

New Dawn Egg laying farm, Guacotecti

Zacatales Bakery, Comasagua

Las Delicias Bakery, Llano Largo, Jutiapa

Guadalupanas store and distribution of first necessity products, San Pablo Tacachico.