San Jose Las Flores, Chalatenengo

susana profileTaller Susana is a small but strong collective of women working out of the small town of San Jose Las Flores. In existence since 1991, the older women, masters of their craft, have brought in younger women from their town and are passing on their talents. The dedication of these women to their business is evident the quality of their work. Using a simple weaving technique on a large hand-made frame, the women produce traditional textiles known for both their beauty and their durability. The usefulness of their products is appealing to Salvadorans and thus many of their products are sold locally. However, this is not enough to support these women and their families.

susana 2For example, at $50 a month Rosa Elena Tobar earns much less than the already low minimum wage in El Salvador. She is a single mother supporting two sons, 11 and 17 years old. Despite having her high school diploma, something uncommon among rural Salvadorans, her job options are limited. She is looking for a job to supplement her income from Taller Susana, but because her wages are directly determined by the amount that they sell, there is also hope that sales will increase and that she will be able to support her family while doing the job she enjoys.

Rosa Elena Tobar explains: "With the support that CIS has offered we have succeeded in getting out in the market. We have obtained a little more income for our family which allows us to send our kids to school".