Women's Collective from the Tasajera Island in La Paz
Mujeres de la Isla Tasajera, Caserío la Colorada, San Luis la Herradura

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"Confecciones La Colorada" started in May 2010 by a small group of women living on Tasajera Island in La Paz. It began when a delegation of doctors from the United States came to visit. The island of Tasajera is very isolated, without cars and with limited socio-economic opportunities. One of the doctors taught the group of women some basic skills in cutting and preparing fabric. The women were inspired and eager for a new source of income. The delegation offered the capital to start up their business with enough money to buy material and a sewing machine. This resulted in four women creating stylish bags using traditional fabric from San Sebastian.

telassmallOver time these women sought to develop their skills and improve the quality and variety of their products. With help and training from CIS's Micro-Businesses for Women and INSAFORP (they have gone further, creating pants, shirts, bags, and accessories. Thanks to these improvements and efforts, new opportunities continue to present themselves.

On the of Tasajera Island, the main source of income is fishing. It is the men of the island who fish and bring home money to their families. For the women working in "Confecciones La Colorada" the little money they make brings them their own source of income without having to rely solely on their husbands. Now there are thirteen women working in this women's collective. When needed they come to San Salvador to represent their community and micro-business in meetings and trainings with CIS. Some of the women have been motivated to go back and finish their schooling. Through their participation, they have all taken on new challenges and have made big strides in improving their lives and the lives of their families.

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