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 We are looking for energetic people with a commitment to social justice to volunteer with us in the following areas:


Your Benefits

  • chinamecaantonia 500x375Make a concrete contribution to the development of El Salvador
  • Be a part of the international solidarity movement.
  • Contribute to El Salvador's struggle for economic and social justice.
  • Gain practical knowledge of organizing and social justice issues.
  • Participate in cultural exchange with Salvadorans.
  • Receive discounts on CIS language classes and the Political Cultural Program


Our Requirements

  • Election volunteers must be able to speak Spanish conversationally.
  • English teachers must speak English as if it were their first language. We recommend that volunteers participate in our Spanish classes to improve their language ability or to familiarize themselves with Salvadoran Spanish.
  • Volunteers usually must make a commitment of at least 10 weeks.
  • Volunteers must be culturally sensitive and interested in issues of social justice.



Volunteers must pay their own expenses, including room and board and transportation. English Teachers and Grassroots Organizing Volunteers are also required to pay a $100 program fee, which will cover the cost of training materials and some in-country transportation for excursions. This fee also guarantees 2 weeks of our Spanish School's political cultural program as an orientation to El Salvador and the CIS.


The CIS offers half-price Spanish classes to our volunteers. Also, after the initial 2 weeks of the Political Cultural Program, volunteers can continue to participate at half-price.

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