Support CIS campaign for clean water advocacy, education, and training on use of filters in communities with scarce economic resources. Accompany CIS promoter to communities to carry out workshops and install filters.DSCN2186

Learning Outcomes

  • Some tasks the intern might perform include:
    Participative methodology and workshop facilitation.

  • Learn about water rights on the international level

  • Learn about water contamination, health impact, and obstacles for the economically poor.

  • Help systematize information on levels of contamination of water in communities, the impact of CIS campaign in the communities, through setting up data base.

  • Accompany CIS promoter in workshops on awareness raising about clean water, right to water, the link between contaminated water and health and environment, distribution of filters, evaluating use of filters, and how to use filters correctly.

  • Do community visits to evaluate impact of filter program and the impact of different filter systems.

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Required Skills

  • Bi-lingual: Spanish / English

  • Education or workshop facilitation background

  • Plus –(optional) chemistry or science background related to testing water for parasites, amoebas, bacteria, chemicals or other contaminants.


-Orientation is provided upon arrival
-Assistance in finding housing within a network of Salvadoran host families  (Monthly living expenses are estimated to be approximately US $600)

-Minimum time commitment includes 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

-Minimum must commit 2 months


Dates for 2020 Sessions:

  • 2020 -Session 2: March 26th → June 4th 

  • 2020 -Session 3: June 18th → August 27th 

  • 2020 -Session 4: September 10th → November 19th 

For more information, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. These dates include a 3-day pre-service orientation and training for all volunteers.