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Romero Community Development, Land & Dignified Housing Project


group with land titles

    Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero

Communal Development Association

      Tonacatepeque, El Salvador


Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad – CIS,

       Los Olivos CIS (U.S. 501c3)


El Salvador shares the social and political experiences of most countries of Central America: a small ruling elite, abject poverty, foreign interference and domination, and civil war.  Compounding and exacerbating the situation, El Salvador is prone to volcanoes, earthquakes and floods.  The people that came together to form the Romero Community suffered through these adversities, displaced by the war, Hurricane Mitch and the 2001 earthquakes.  They asked the Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad, CIS, to accompany them on their quest for land, permanent homes and dignity and a future for their children.  The combined effort is The Romero Community Development, Land & Dignified Housing Project.

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The   Romero Community Land & Housing     Project -- Timeline

7.9 Earthquake - Saturday, 1/13/01

“Not having land, they cannot build a life and decent housing, potable water, energy,

education, security, physical integrity and other rights guaranteed in the

Constitution of the Republic and International Treaties on Human Rights.”

El Salvador Legislative Committee on Justice and Human Rights, 2008

  Final Agreement 

Project Plan

Celebrating 10 years of accompaniment with The Romero Community, The CIS and Los Olivos CIS (U.S. based 501c3) are pleased to serve as a fiscal sponsor to ensure a permanent home for the Romero Community.  All funds secured on behalf of The Romero Community Development, Land and Dignified Housing Project will go directly to the Romero Community.  


Budget to develop 75 homes in The Romero Community*



Labor & Materials

Sworn estimate                                            $585,000


Sworn estimate                                              $19,625

Water & Sewer

Sworn estimate                                              $49,250

                                                       Cost per House



Community Center & Storage Facility

Order-of-Magnitude Estimate                      $70,000

Site Work & Street Paving

Order-of-Magnitude Estimate                      $50,000

Total Project Cost


Impacts of the Project – Community and District Effects

                                                     What does the Project mean to you?

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 This is a blessing. We have lived for 10 years with many difficulties. A dignified home will mean better life ..... My notebooks and important materials and books have been ruined and gotten wet in our shacks. We have ruined our eyes, having to read and do homework by candlelight. We get sick from the humidity...... The whole community has to share one water faucet ....... We sleep in fear because of the insecure nature of our shelter. We are marginalized by outsiders, who say only delinquents and thieves live in shanty towns. This project will improve our lives at all levels. Without CIS we would never had been listened to. We did our part, but we were invisible. CIS gave us a voice and made us visible." – Miriam Merino, 23 years old.





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The community has improved since we began to work together with the CIS – we have activities, creativity, studies.  We will feel more secure – we will feel we have a home”.  Emerson Gabriel, 8th grade, 14 years old.








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