• Celebrating 20 Years of Solidarity

  • Next Election Observation Mission in 2018

  • Community building and construction in Romero Community

  • Violence Prevention through recreation

  • Language School

  • Small Businesses for Women

  • Providing Access to Clean Water

Imagine living in this home with only a dirt floor, with no option for high school or higher education, and the only job you could get is collecting bus fare, where you would earn little.  If you take this job you would be assumed to be a gang member, only to be beaten or killed by the police.   Would you migrate to the U.S. in hopes for a job?  Would you join the gang where at least you would get basic food, clothing and some self-esteem, but eventually kill or be killed?   Or would you take a CIS scholarship and try to get out of poverty and stigmatization? You can help make the third option available.


Celebrating 25 Years of People to People Solidarity!

 San Salvador, July, 2018

Dear Friends:

It is with great pride and gratitude for your support and participation that CIS is celebrating 25 years of solidarity with the people of El Salvador. The secret to CIS’ growth had been our engagement in communities, building horizontal solidarity relationships, and empowering youth, women and those most excluded and marginalized in the society. We are a part of a process of transformation for social justice inspired by St. Romero of the Americas. Our roots constantly grow deeper as our actions respond to an analysis of the reality and are led by communities, women and young people.


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Current Crisis

As I write this letter, we are facing a confluence of threats to human rights, both international and national:


  • An immigration crisis - further exacerbated by the Trump Administration zero tolerance policy, the dehumanization of Salvadoran migrants, the separation of children from their mothers who are fleeing economic and social violence, curtailing the right to seek asylum and taking away Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from nearly 200,000 Salvadorans who have lived in the U.S. for decades. Additionally, the administration plans to begin to take away citizenship from some naturalized citizens.
  • The return of the right-wing ARENA party to power in the Legislative Assembly in El Salvador and are threatening to privatize water and make it a lucrative business for a small minority.
  • The continued prosecution of poor women for murder who suffer miscarriages, obstetric emergencies and still births and the imposition of 30 year sentences, along with the government’s refusal to release over 20 women who have been wrongly convicted of abortions and aggravated homicide.


CIS programs seek to prevent migration and violence by providing education and job skills so people can stay in their country. U.S. policies grow more inhumane by the day – separating immigrant children from their mothers, taking away rights of victims of domestic and gang violence to seek asylum, arresting thousands of hard working immigrants at their place of work (work U.S. born citizens do not want to do) to deport them after years and decades in the U.S. paying taxes and positively contributing to the U.S., and the most recent measure an nounced to take away TPS from Salvadorans who fled violence and earthquakes decades ago, becoming productive Americans (in all but citizenship) with children who are U.S. citizens. CIS solidarity work seeks to empower Salvadorans to have a vision and the tools to build a country where they can stay based on social and economic justice. At the same time, we advocate that human rights of immigrants be respected in the U.S. and that they are afforded due process when seeking asylum and have the right to keep their families united under international human rights law.


In El Salvador there is also a fear of losing ground on human rights. In the recent legislative and municipal elections, the right wing ARENA party won a clear majority. ARENA was known for their involvement in grave human rights abuses including the assassination of Archbishop Romero (soon to be Saint Romero) and the six Jesuit priests and their co-workers at the Central American University. ARENA had 60,000 less votes than in the last elections; however, the left wing FMLN party had 400,000 less votes than in the last elections. Many people abstained from voting, especially young people who feel left out from top down models of political party structures. The results mean that the FMLN will not have sufficient votes to guarantee input on important decisions such as election of the Supreme Court Magistrates, the Human Rights Procurator, and the Attorney General among others. CIS solidarity with community organizing builds change from the grassroots and empowers people to make informed decisions and defend human rights as well as to continue to contribute to free and fair elections through our Election ObserverMissions.


Conservative parties in the legislative assembly are moving to privatize water. In response, the CIS is supporting a grassroots movement to defend water as a human right. CIS is mobilizing people and raising awareness in communities about the threat to access to water and to support a Water Law that will guarantee water as a human right that is accessible to the country‘s economically poor majority.


CIS is organizing for women’s rights and gender equality, especially, to bring awareness of the plight of women with scarce economic resources and education, who are condemned to 30 – 40 year prison terms after having miscarriages. El Salvador’s law prohibits abortion under any circumstances even for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest or if a woman’s or girl’s life is in danger. Since it is poor women who suffer miscarriages alone and outside of a health care facility, it is difficult for them to prove they had a miscarriage rather than an abortion. The women call the police in the event of an obstetric emergency since they cannot afford transportation, and are often jailed instead of receiving healthcare.


CIS is working with these women’s advocates to support them in prison, raise awareness in communities and internationally about their prosecution and imprisonment, and mobilize people to advocate for their release, a halt to unjust prosecution, and to permit girls and women to have an abortion if their life is in danger or they are the victim of rape or incest. CIS has also established a gender scholarship fund to help women who are released, as well as their children to complete high school or attenduniversity.


CIS Partnership with Salvadoran Enterprises for Women – SEW

CIS has had the good fortune of being partnered with SEW since its founding in 2003. Together with SEW we have built a team of grassroots business promoters that accompany and guide women on issues such as gender, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, empowerment, entrepreneurism, skills trainings, business training, investing seed money in starting the business, and making a business plan. This year we look forward to the transformation of SEW from a US based non -profit to its incorporation under CIS. We fully expect that the financial support SEW has received over the years from its loyal base will continue. Checks should be made payable to Los Olivos CIS, and SEW written in the memo line to continue this program.

Having the privilege of working with the women in El Salvador first hand, I directly see the fruits of SEWs efforts. I see women who were once too shy to say their name, now leaders in the community. I see women cry when they received their first payment for their labor. I see women form community and give moral support to a sister who is being physically abused. I know women who have fled gang extortion who have been incorporated into the economic initiatives and who are now building a new future. I see women, many single mothers, graduating from high school and some even going on to university! And we see women form successful businesses that empower them and strengthen their families and community.

Thank you SEW!

How You Can Help

CIS is blessed with 25 years of organizing people-to-people solidarity. We will go on for 25 more years with your support! We invite you to dream and support solidarity, empowerment and social and economic justice in three ways:

1. Contribute to our employee retirement fund. As a social justice organization we comply with Salvadoran labor laws and recognize our employees for their great commitment and effort that make CIS work possible. In this regard, we are building a fund to recognize one month salary for each year worked at CIS. As we celebrate 25 years, we also recognize some of our employees are nearing retirement age. We ask you to give generously and in honor of 25 years with a donation of $2,500, $250, or $25 – no donation is too big or too small. (We need to raise about $ 75,000 to cover our retirementfund).


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2. Contribute to our Salvadoran Enterprises for Women Fund to keep SEW’s vision and work alive.

- $25,000 will cover training of women’s organization over three years and seed money to start a business.

- $2,500 will pay for business expansion – investing in items like an industrial oven, an industrial sewing machine, or training and legal support to become a legally registered business.




3. Join the CIS Election Observer and Human Rights Delegation January 28 – February 5, 2019. You will be trained as an election observer, and learn about the roots of migration and violence. The cost of the delegation is $700 - $900, depending whether you want a shared or single room. Please write us at: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. for more information. If  you cannot join the Mission, please consider  giving a donation to cover press conferences, candidate’s forums, publishing the final report, and organizational support. No gift is too large or too small. 


We look forward to hearing from you!


Blessings and Solidarity,

Leslie Schuld, Leslie Schuld, CIS Director and Los Olivos CIS Representative in El Salvador

CIS Board of Directors: Wilfredo Medrano, Delmy Valencia, Mario Arevalo, Eugenio Chicas, Ana Aviles, Lisandra Soriano, Verónica Arévalo.

Los Olivos CIS Board of Directors: Mimi Jordan, Robyn Smith, Gary Ellis, Mary Frances Ross, Sara Mulrooney, Rosemary Biggins, Mike Tork, Steve Boyer, Susan Mull, Ed Osowski.

CIS and Los Olivos CIS staff: Bellini Castro, Oscar García, Joel Palacios, Vicenta Martínez, Wilmer Erroa, Arturo Severo, Maira Romero, Delmy Linarez, Noemí Torres, Yessenia Flores, Luis Aguillón, Yeny Giron, Josué Duran, Iris Hernández, Leonor del Carmen Huezo, Esmeralda Reyes, Evelyn Portillo.


Celebrating 25 Years of People to People Solidarity!


August of 1993, the CIS was founded by a group of solidarity activists from the U.S., Canada and Europe and Salvadorans from social movements with the objective of building people-to-people solidarity for social and economic justice and human dignity. CIS’ philosophy is that social transformation can take place by organizing, awareness raising, education, and empowerment of sectors most left out of society and that real and lasting change comes from the grassroots. Below is a time-line of some of our program achievements:



1993 –Spanish School begins- 2,873 Spanish students to date from over 40 countries, learning about Salvadoran history, culture and national and international reality while learning a new language.


In 2016 – On-line Spanish courses begun as a pilot program to respond to difficulties in getting new students to El Salvador, affected by U.S. State Department alerts not to travel to El Salvador. The program allows CIS to generate employment for additional teachers as well as provide students with quality Spanish language courses in the context of Salvadoran culture and reality. To date we have had 120 students and generated employment for 12 on-line Spanishteachers.


1994 – International Mission of Election Observers. Free and fair elections are an achievement ofthe Peace Accords. To date CIS has organized12 missions, 1,837 observerstrained 70 long term volunteers, and has contributed to important election reforms.


1994 – Fair Trade Solidarity Crafts: artisans approached CIS looking for markets when Salvadorans had only the shirts on their backs coming out of the war. The artisans started by leaving their goods on consignment. Since then, CIS has developed a fair trade program: paying artisans up front, just payment, organized design and business development training, and has sold products from over 30 artisan cooperatives, generating fair trade and support to local solidarityeconomies.



1994 – English School; Salvadorans having lost 13 years of education during the civil war, were granted accelerated courses to get high school diplomas. Many were flunking English and couldn’t graduate and asked the CIS to help. Since then, CIS built the program as a volunteer exchange, training English teachers from abroad and Salvadorans studying to become English teachers, with a curriculum based on social justice and popular education methodology. To date CIS has taught 4,456 students English and trained525 International and Salvadoran volunteer teachers in popular education.


88881994 – People-to-people solidarity delegations and brigades:Building relationships based on mutual respect and solidarity to transform communities rather than paternalism and  hand-outs.  We don’t have an exact count, in the last 5 years CIS hosted 76 delegations with a total of 787 participants. Both visitors and Salvadorans lives are changed forever as they embark on a journey of faith, social consciousness, and life-timerelationships.


1996 – Grassroots Organizing Project and HumanRights: Over 30 municipalities and communities participate in organizational development for social and economic justice, starting with those affected by the war (1993), Hurricane Mitch (1998) 2 major earthquakes (2001) and other communities who have solicited CIS organizational support. CIS human rights work has included advocating and achieving funding denied for reconstruction to communities affected by the war; advocacy for illegal firing of union organizers at Hospital Rosales and achieving their re-instatement; participating in white marches against privatization of public health care won in 2004; participation in anti-mining coalition and mobilizations achieving legislation prohibiting metallic mining in 2017; currently the CIS is active in coalitions to guarantee water as a human right. CIS supports efforts to get women out of jail who are imprisoned for 30 – 40 years, wrongly accused of abortions when in reality they suffered miscarriages, still births and obstetric emergencies and legislation to allow the option of abortion in the case the women’s life is in danger or if the girl or woman is the victim of rape or incest.


1996 – Scholarship and Youth Leadership Development


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                               First Scholarship Students -Cinquera1996                                             Graduation 2017


Currently, this is CIS’ largest and most impactful program. We have the privilege of seeing the fruits of our efforts – where young people, women, families and communities are transformed as they get access to high school and university education, build community with volunteer projects each year, monthly workshops and analysis of the reality. An important part of this program includes building an alternative vision to migration or violence for youth and to be productive actors insociety.

ü  2001 – We added another municipality affected by the earthquake in addition to programs begun in 1996 and 1998 in zones affected by thewar.

ü  In 2008 the program began to grow thanks to the support of Fr. Jerry Waris recruiting new sister relationships. In this year CIS supported 5 programs with 23 university students and 128 high schoolstudents.


ü  By  2013 the program grew to13 communities benefiting 113 university students and 197 high school students. We began to develop annual retreats for students and more systematic community volunteer projects and leadership development work.

ü  In 2018, CIS facilitates 18 programs benefiting 180 university students and 267 Kindergarten through high school students.

Additionally, we have included a fund for people who have been discriminated against because of their gender, to promote gender equality, overcoming stigmatization and building self-esteem and empowerment - currently benefiting 6women.

ü  Thank you: St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Sabina, Notre Dame Prep, St. Patrick’s, Our Lady of Assumption, Corpus Christi University Parish, Revolution Methodist Church, Resurrection Church, Foundation for Cultural Exchange, Pasadena Committee, St. Elizabeth, Rainbow of Hope for Children, St. Peter’s, First Congregational United Church of Christ, REVY Fair Trade, Caminos de Accion, PeaceHealth, St. Regis, St. John Fisher Parish, Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, and all organizations and individuals who contribute to thisfund.

1998 – Established CIS web site:

2003 – Legal registration of LOS OLIVOS CIS in El Salvador 

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2003 - Salvadoran Enterprises for Women (SEW) approached CIS to jointly build a program to empower women. Since then we have worked with women in rural areas with scarce economic resources develop 25 businesses with over 200 women working in local businesses – getting paid for their labor for the first time – and providing training in leadership development, gender equality, production skills, and business administration. SEW has provided important donations for land, buildings, and equipment for the businesses.

2006 – CIS recognized as a legal non-profit association by the Salvadoran government.

2006 – Invest in building for CIS office, with loans paid off in 2016, including 2expansions.

17817172008 School for Solidarity and Social Transformation – In honor of LOS OLIVOS CIS founder, and retired teacher, Ernie Jenkins, we started the school which is now organized annually for community leaders focusing on themes of gender, culture of peace and environment.

2010 –begin Art and Mental Health Courses in Distrito Italia with the Jaragua artisan workshop and the local Health Clinic. The courses have expanded to surrounding communities in Tonacatepeque and provide leadership training and mental health support to kids growing up in high risk situations.

2011 – Clean Water and the Environment

 1,942 filters distributed to families, benefiting 12,080 persons from home water purification and trainings in health, hygiene and the environment. Clean Water for the World industrial purification units installed in 38 schools, clinics and other community centers benefitting 15,709 persons.

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                                         2005-2015                                                               2016

2015/2016 – CIS helped Secure Land Titles for 63 families and built 63 homes, potable water, 63 septic systems, and a Scholarship student library and community development center in Romero Community. After 8 years of CIS accompaniment and fight for the land rights, the community gained title to their land and CIS coordinated construction of dignified homes. Special thanks to the Fendler Family Foundation and the foundations and people who contributed to make this areality.

Additional solidarity – We cannot list everything we have done in 25 years or recognize each organization, community, and individual who have been and continue to be a part of CIS- a heartfelt thanks to all international solidarity partners, volunteer community committees, CIS staff, volunteers and, volunteer boards of directors of CIS and LOS OLIVOS CIS. In addition to our ongoing programs, we have had significant additional achievement that have spun off of our programs – to name a few; organization, emergency and reconstruction projects after the war, Hurricane Mitch, and the 2001 earthquakes; building schools in El Paisnal and La Loma, Comasagua; distributing 5,000 OneWorldPlay soccer balls; organizational support and partnership with annual PeaceHealth Brigades; Rainbow of Hope for Children community projects purchasing land for families displaced by the earthquakes and ongoing community development projects; annual school supplies donation from the Chiuchiarelli Family Foundation, hundreds of Books for Peace donations to communities ……and much more! 

Thank you!


CIS Staff and Volunteers Celebrating Teachers Day June 2018

Testimonies and Greetings From CIS Community and Supporters:

2323223The CIS has been a very significant experience for me. It has opened doors in different areas. For example, thanks to CIS I can study at the university. I have learned so much in the different scholarship workshops that educate our families and teach us about themes from a different perspective, including sensitive topics – which no one else does. In my community thanks to CIS/SEW there are empowered women – there is a dairy business and a bakery. Personally, CIS is the best thing that has happened to me – I have met many people that have left a footprint on my life. I am super thankful that through CIS I have learned about the environment in the School for Solidarity and Social Transformation. There is no way to say thanks for everything I have received. Kimberly Menjivar, Scholarship student from Canton Llano Largo,Jutiapa.


25252525I first came to CIS in 2012 to study Spanish and I’m still here 6 years later, studying and volunteering. This year I’ll be helping with preparations for my 4th Salvadoran election observation with CIS. So, what do I love about CIS and what keeps me here? So many things – the Spanish and English schools are a welcoming and safe space for all – a place not just to learn or improve a new language but to explore the history of El Salvador and its relationship to our home countries. It’s also a place for teachers and students to learn about and challenge each other on current social issues while remaining respectful and supportive of each other across cultures and various beliefs. As a lifelong organizer, what is even more impressive about CIS to me is the longevity and flexibility that CIS has shown over its 25 years of solidarity with the Salvadoran people. CIS’s programs have evolved with the times, grown and brought in more and more young leaders from the ranks of the scholarship students CIS and the CIS donors have supported to complete their educations. Women’s businesses supported by CIS are thriving and empowering women to take charge of their lives. And more recently CIS’s gender justice and environmental education programs have broken new ground. There is always something new to learn or do here. Most of the friends I have in El Salvador have come to me in one way or another through my connections with CIS. I congratulate CIS on the first 25 years and look forward to seeing what will come next! Cathy Howell, Election and English volunteer, Spanish student, retired Union Organizer.


27272727Greetings to the CIS family - wishing you success in your 25 years. In our community, CIS has meant sustainable development; a light to continue the search for peace; a solidarity response to the needs of the population and a means for young people to be empowered and demand our rights be respected. Personally, the CIS has meant an opportunity for me to be a better person in society and is a motivation to work in community and to be an example to continue on the path of solidarity. Special thanks too to CIS partner, the Foundation for Cultural Exchange. Mariano Menendez, Scholarship Student, San Pedro Perulapán.


282828The parishes and folks of Kansas City who have traveled to visit sister communities rejoice with much gratitude for the presence of CIS and their work among our 7 parishes. Many years ago I met Leslie and coworkers of CIS and have enjoyed a wonderful relationship of collaboration and mission. Many thanks to Leslie, the staff of CIS, and all who support the mission for their presence and solidarity with poor of El Salvador. I am personally grateful for the opportunity to mission with CIS and for the direction and assistance CIS has given to our sister communities. Truly the blessings in my life as a priest are the friendships and the opportunity to walk with the people of El Salvador. Fr. Gerald Waris, KC,MO


292929I want to congratulate CIS for the blessing of celebrating 25 years!! Secondly, I want to give you my most sincere thanks for the support you are giving me for 5 consecutive years to study. I know you make a big effort to help me so I can finish my career and I make an effort each day.God has blessed me because since October of 2015, I have paid employment as an auxiliary accountant with the Women’s Association for Dignity and Life in San Salvador. They are dedicated to the defense of women’s rights, economic autonomy and empowerment. My family is large. I have 5 sisters and 3 little brothers. And of all the members of my family, I am the only one with stable work. One of my sisters works as a maid occasionally. My father works as a farmer and cultivates basic grains. My mother sells cheese and chicken by the pound in the village. It is difficult to have a large family but is beautiful as well because I have people that love me and value me. I am supporting my sister, who is also studying at the university, since my parents don’t have the money to do so. Additionally, the money you giveme helps with my monthly tuition, books, photocopies, transportation and food. I complement these expenses with income from my work. As a contribution for my scholarship, I volunteer with the SEW women’s business – The Basic Food Basket Store, helping with their accounting and filling out treasury and tax forms. I want to let you know that the scholarship and the leadership training I receive have made me a better and more committed person. God Bless and Protect you always. Sandra Hernández Cardoza, Scholarship student and member of women’s Basic Food Basket Store, San PabloTacachico.


303030A Special Greeting to CIS and its director, Leslie Schuld. Thanks to God and CIS I am one of the beneficiaries in Romero Community. In the Community, CIS helped us build our homes, provides scholarship for all of our children, provides filters to improve our families’ health, and installed potable water in all of our homes. Also, CIS has helped a group of women cultivate jiquilite, also known as indigo, and other organic crops. Thank you to all the organizations and people that collaborate and form part of CIS. Margarita Gomez, Romero Community, member of SEW/CIS business Jiquilite Women.


31313131CIS has meant hope – that as a community we can improve our life conditions. CIS has been a fundamental pillar that has accompanied and supported our community in an integral manner, looking to improve life conditions at a personal, organizational, and community level. Personally, CIS has had a huge impact on my life through the support that has allowed me to study at the university, and without your support would have been impossible to do, since my family does not have the economic resources needed. Being able to have paid employment at the SEW/CIS sewing business allowed me to cover my additional expenses while studying. My studies and my job experience has improved my possibilities to find a better paying job that will permit me to improve the living conditions of myselfand my family. Adilene Saavedra, Scholarship student and member of women’s sewing business, Comasagua. 



Heartfelt congratulations to the CIS on this milestone of 25 years of solidarity with the Salvadoran people. It has been a privilege for us to have partnered with the CIS for the past 15 years in developing women’s local and regional businesses. Coordination by the CIS has facilitated our meeting hundreds of Salvadoran women eager for dignified work. Through the years, the women have seen their dreams become reality. Together with the CIS we developed a model of accompaniment that empowers women to initiate, develop and sustain local businesses. We have seen these women develop personally and commercially, earning income that enriches their families. We have experienced the business women’s courage, tenacity and creativity in overcoming cultural stereotypes, security and political perils, and take leadership at the local level. The mission of SEW could not have been accomplished without the support of the CIS. SEW business women have benefitted from the CIS scholarship program. Many also have been able to participate in other CIS programs on gender equality, seminars on administration, accounting, legal and health issues. It has been inspiring to see how the CIS consistently expands its networks, staff and volunteers to develop programs to meet the needs of so many communities. We have experienced the many significant ways the CIS exemplifies solidarity. Congratulations and blessings to the CIS as you plan for the future. Sister Anne Marie Gardiner, SSND and the Board of Directors, Salvadoran Enterprises forWomen 


3333333In January 2013, Ellen and I led a delegation, including seven parishioners from St. Elizabeth Church, on a mission trip to El Salvador. Our purpose was to better understand the struggles of the Salvadoran people. We visited communities throughout the country, where families live in poverty, and yet, welcome their guests with outpourings of warmth and hospitality. Our delegation saw in the Salvadoran people tremendous perseverance against all odds and a sincere hope for a better future. We were moved to do something, and we knew our parish would want to do something as well. But what? Fortunately, while in El Salvador, we were introduced to CIS. We learned that the mission of CIS is to promote solidarity and exchange between the Salvadoran people and other peoples of the world. Because of CIS, St. Elizabeth’s now supports two communities in El Salvador. Our main focus is to offer scholarships through the CIS Scholarship and Formation Program to the youth of our sister communities. We believe this  is a transformational program that will forever change the social landscape in El Salvador so that families who have lived in poverty for generations can be assured of a more prosperous and more equitable existence for their children. The parishioners of St. Elizabeth are enthusiastic about our El Salvador Ministry. We bring delegations each year to El Salvador, and we host scholarship students from our sister communities biannually. We cherish the time we spend with our Salvadoran brothers and sisters. However, none of this would be possible without CIS and its dedicated workforce. We are eternally grateful for CIS. Kermit Fendler, El Salvador Ministry Leader, St. Elizabeth Catholic Church Kansas City,Missouri


Tax deductible donations can be mailed to: Los OLIVOS CIS / PO BOX 76 / Westmont, IL 60559 or online: http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/en/donate  If you would like to become a monthly sustainer with automatic charges to your credit care, please donate on line.

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