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Tonacatepeque, San Salvador

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Taller Jaragua is one of a kind, and it's not just because of the unique natural creations they produce. The aims of this workshop go far beyond just making and selling products. As José Vásquez put it, "Estamos construyendo un sueño," "We are constructing a dream." This dream includes having a way to feed their families without being trapped in an oppressive capitalist system. It includes using their workshop as a forum for education. They hope to show Salvadorans and foreigners alike the creativity and beauty that can come out of El Salvador, from the people and the land alike. They hope to encourage people to support small businesses. They exemplify this by buying the bulk of their materials, all of their seeds and coconut shells, from other Salvadoran families.




All of these hopes come from the personal experiences of the people who make up this group. Evelyn Ramirez for example, spent three years working in a maquila. There she was treated like a machine, working 60 or 70 hours a week at the same monotonous task. She was never given a choice about whether or not she wanted to work overtime.

jaragua 2Having this experience behind her has allowed Evelyn Ramirez to see the great value in her situation now:

"Here they have given me the opportunity to be me and don´t impose on me in anyway. They taught me the value of solidarity and of collective working. Also, they taught me that I have rights and that I can demand that I be respected....I can feel important that with my art I can recuperate and promote the culture of my country as a fundamental part of my life."